Why You Should Use a Landing Page Generator?
Ozgur GUL on May 14, 2020 - General

A landing page or website is one of the most critical parts for a product or a company since it's the first place your potential customer "lands" from your campaigns such as e-mail, ads, or SEO, etc. Keeping it fast, simple, and maintainable are some of the keys to success. But creating a landing page is time-consuming and can be costly for your next idea. So, I listed some of the reasons for you to use a landing page generator.

Quick Validation

You have an awesome idea, that's great. You decided you are going to work on that idea but you need a quick validation. In order to gather feedbacks or collect e-mails, you have to find a free template or buy one, host it in a server and even maintain an email server to be able to collect e-mails from your potential customers.

With Landly, you don't have to maintain. Just create your website from one of our templates, or create an empty one, add your forms and integrate it into your marketing flow. Landly makes it easier to create any kind of landing page thanks to blocks structure. (Every user interface component is a block in Landly)

No Coding Knowledge

You are a business owner and you don't know how to code. That's pretty normal. You can hire a designer and a developer for your desired landing page and it'll be probably cost you a few hundreds of dollars if not thousands, and countless of time and iterations if everything goes perfect.

with Landly, you just put blocks over and over and you craft beautiful responsive websites in a matter of time. Now you have a budget to spend on marketing.

Tight Deadline

You have an idea or a project to complete but you have a deadline issue (like almost every project). Don't worry, we are in 2020 and you can use a landing page generator. With Landly, you can create a fully-functional website under 10 minutes.

Cost of Maintaining

You are a developer working on a great product and you just started to market it. Why you should bother with maintaining another project? Sometimes this is a problem for developers since maintaining another software can create cost and time issues and using a landing page generator makes life easier. You don't have to maintain any other technical stuff like hosting or SSL certificates, Landly does it for you.

Above, I listed some of the reasons for you to use a landing page generator. Don't spend time on the landing page itself, but spend on your marketing strategy. Identify your goals, do A/B testing, and progress consistently.

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